Warning Signs That You Need A New Generator

03.03.17 Posted By Gopher Industrial

Honda GeneratorNowadays, ready access to electricity is a fundamental part of the American way of life. However, even though just about anyone would be inconvenienced by a sudden power outage, it is undeniable that for industrial companies sudden prolonged, or even temporary, loss of electricity can be disastrous to their businesses. Fortunately, there is a solution: power generators. Let’s take a look at some of the top signs your business may need one.

Your Old Generator Wore Out or Is Insufficient

Certainly things change over time and just because you once needed a generator it isn’t a guarantee that you still do; however, nevertheless one of the most obvious and important indicators that you may need a generator is because your old one is worn out, requires frequent repairs, is unreliable, or is simply insufficient to provide all the power you need.

You’re in an Area Affected by Extreme Weather

Power outages can happen at any time for any reason; however, by far one of the most common reasons is due to severe weather such as a hurricane, tornado, blizzard, or heat wave, etc. If your business or facility is highly dependent on electrical power to preserve the quality of products or materials then a power outage due to a severe storm or other weather phenomenon could result in significant expenses that a generator would prevent.

You’re in an Area with Unreliable Power

As mentioned above, it doesn’t always take severe weather to cause a power outage. Sometimes a minor storm or only slightly elevated winds are enough to do the trick. Other times a power outage may occur due to a mild-to-moderate change in temperatures that causes a strain on the power grid as everyone turns up the AC or heat. If your business or facility is based in an area without consistent, reliable power then you may be putting yourself at risk by not getting a backup generator.

Security Is a Concern at Your Company

Another crucial reason to consider investing in a backup generator is if security is a concern at your company. For example if your facility handles highly sensitive information, if your clients require the utmost privacy, or if your products and materials would simply be appealing to thieves, then you probably need round-the-clock security, which in turn is likely to depend at least in part on electrical power. Remember that the sad reality is that power outages and disasters often make stealing more attractive to opportunistic thieves.

You Provide an Emergency Service or Emergency Supplies

Another clear and urgent reason why you might need a generator is if your business either directly provides emergency services or provides supplies and equipment that would be used in times of emergency. If other people are counting on your business for their health or safety then a backup generator is a must.

You Cannot Afford to Miss Deadlines

No successful company makes a habit of missing deadlines, but some companies definitely have more wiggle room than others. If your company would significantly suffer and let down customers or clients by missing a deadline then you simply cannot afford the delays a power outage would cause. A backup generator could provide crucial power for core functions that allow you to put the finishing touches on something before a big deadline.

Gopher Industrial Has a Range of Generator Options

If you find your company fits one of the items on this list, or if you simply want a generator for other reasons like convenience and peace of mind, fear not: Gopher Industrial has a wide range of high quality generators that are sure to meet every customer’s needs. We have different options available in terms of size, capacity, cost, and much more. Browse our eGopher, online shop to get a feel for your generator options and please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.