Portable Welding Solutions

20.02.17 Posted By Gopher Industrial

Miller WeldingEverywhere you look today there seems to be a demand for mobility and diversity. The work site has become a wide open space and the availability of electricity while working away from commercial power lines is often scarce. The evolution of the welding and fabrication industry has made it easier than ever to produce high quality welds wherever your job takes you. For many years the use of engine driven welders have provided the ability for welders to work in isolated areas creating miles of petroleum pipeline. The concept of portable welding solutions is NOT new. The change in the industry has simply created a more economical environment for more industrial, commercial and residential applications.

The innovations in engine driven welding power sources have provided the welding industry with:

  • Quieter running machines
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Cleaner, better filtered electricity
  • More welding mode options
  • Higher wattage outputs to run power tools and accessories
  • Multi-staged generators to separate weld power and auxiliary power.

Whether you have the need for a Portable Power Solution or are merely interested in how you might benefit from acquiring this equipment there are a few important details that you need to ask yourself. But first, let’s take a brief look at a few of the products GOPHER INDUSTRIAL is proud to offer.

The Miller Electric lineup of small portable engine drives are well known for their versatility and dependability. The Miller Bobcat and Trailblazer line is available in various configurations and all offer the same smooth dependable weld output you need to perform perfect welds. Combine the generous offering up to 325 weld amps with the available 11,500 watt continuous ultra clean generator power and you have portable power at your fingertips.

Portable power was often dismissed due to the limitations that existed on earlier models. The “old” standard was- “engine driven” welders and the people that operated them were generally pipeline welders that used primarily stick rods to perform their jobs. The power generated to create weld output for stick electrode welding was consistent and offered a good arc characteristic for stick welding. As the introduction of new alloys and updated weld engineering applications entered the industry manufacturers scurried to produce machinery that could meet the demand. The result is a truer, more fine-tuned weld arc suitable for multi-positional welding and a broad array of filler metal applications. The ability to perform high quality MIG and TIG welding procedures with simple, economical add-ons became a reality.

As you explore your portable welding solutions take into consideration the importance of the generator’s auxiliary output capabilities. The necessity to operate grinders, portable work lights and an assortment of other uses for 115v to 220v A/C voltage. Be mindful that the A/C electricity generated by the engine driven welder is predicated on the size of the engine, the quality of the windings in the generator and numerous other components to provide good CLEAN continuous watts to your equipment. The CLEANER more CONSISTENT electricity you “feed” your equipment the longer your equipment will last.

So, there are a vast number of considerations that must be addressed when selecting the Portable Power Solution that is right for you. The modern equipment available today can meet ALL of your expectations in: refineries, farm pastures, fabrication shops, on the side of the road or at home. The availability of self-contained suitcase wire feeders, portable high frequency arc starters for heli-arc welding and countless other accessories will make EVERY job accessible.

GOPHER INDUSTRIAL has experienced, qualified people that can assist you in selecting a Portable Power Solution custom tailored to fit your needs. Call us about everything from the “portable” BLUESTAR 185 all the way up to the BIG BLUE 800 and everything in between.